• _pedro_
    Posted at 18:28h, 04 February

    Hi Kristina
    Looking beautiful like always ?
    You would be breakfast on any ones table #breakfastcake
    I saw that you were in a movie last year The Education of Erica…
    Are you planning new movies this year ?
    You are everywhere.!,, You and David are doing great work ..Love it


    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 19:15h, 12 February

      Hello Pedro, thank you so much for commenting.
      There will be special diary entry about those movies with much more information soon.
      Thank you, have a great day.

  • rednp130
    Posted at 19:30h, 04 February

    Hi Kristina I love your time lapse videos. That looks like a nice simple breakfast you are having.I always try to have breakfast in the morning,a nice healthy breakfast is a good Start to the morning,of course I always have to have that morning coffee,how about you?Thank you again for including a photo of Nelly in your diary.I can’t get enough of seeing the little ones,and hope you will post at least 1 photo of Nelly or Sara if possible in your diary updates.I Also like Pedro i have bought your 2 new movies you have done and hope you do more also,i have all the movies you have done.Have you ever considered selling them in your store?they would make a fine addition.Maybe even offer to sign the DVDs like your calendar,just an idea.Stay well looking forward to your next diary update,greets to Nelly and Sara.
    Your friend forever Mike.

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 19:19h, 12 February

      Hello Mike, thank you, it looks all so funny when it’s so fast.
      I used to have a morning coffee every day, but lately I get sick from coffee so I had to reduce it a lot. Now I have coffee occasionally and not that much in the morning.
      Photo of Nelly was just to show how good girl she was during most of the shoot. For a little while she came to look what we are doing and if everything is ok, but mostly she was sleeping in her tent.
      I will answer about the movies in some of upcoming diaries, there is lot to tell and explain, so it’s better to separate it.
      Thank you, have a great day with Alex.

  • okiedude
    Posted at 12:33h, 05 February

    Hi Kristina,

    I always have breakfast, it is an important meal after fasting during the night while you sleep. You’re body needs good carbs, and protein to kick start your day? I tend to have oatmeal with blueberries, some grapefruit juice, and one hard boiled egg with hot sauce on it. Then to get more protein, I have a protein shake?
    I like your BTS posts, they are interesting, and fun! Looking forward to more diary posts?


    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 19:22h, 12 February

      Hello Mark, you are doing a great job with having breakfast every day.
      Your breakfast sounds amazing, exactly what I like.
      Thank you, I’m glad you like BTS posts.
      Have a great day.

  • astark
    Posted at 20:18h, 05 February

    Hi Kristina,

    Thank you or sharing the photos and the time lapse video, can’t wait for the photo set and video!, you look fantastic!
    I can’t skip breakfast, I think is the most important meal of the day, specially after a nice workout.


    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 19:23h, 12 February

      Hello Tony, thank you so much for commenting.
      This photoset was already published, name is Breakfast 🙂
      You are right, breakfast is the most important meal of a day, I just can’t have it too early.
      Sometimes I just go run when the brain is still sleeping and during shower it wakes up and than I can have some nice breakfast 🙂
      Wish you a great day.

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