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Video Interview: May 27, 2018
Questions which will be answered in this interview:

– Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
 – Is there a cosplay character you always wanted to dress up as during a shoot?
– Many of your contemporaries, Caprice, Dido, Silvia, Lucy have done tasteful water sports videos. How do you feel about that fetish which seems to have become much more common?
– I noticed when you first started, your hair was very light. I believe blond if not mistaken. Did you like being blond and what made you decide to go back to a darker colour?
– Why you never jump into hardcore like other models who started doing erotic modelling like Caprice and Dido Angel?

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  • rednp130
    Posted at 17:20h, 19 May

    I love your interviews Kristina i see you have one of my questions lined up.Can’t wait to hear the answer.Your friend Mike.

  • puck68
    Posted at 21:10h, 22 May

    Really looking forward to the interview! – Paul (Puck68)

  • Melisa Mendini
    Posted at 19:43h, 27 May

    Thank you Paul 🙂

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