Hi dear fans & members


On this page I will post several links to sites for which I regularly worked in the past. If you visit the sites by clicking the banners here on this page and you decide to purchase a subscription or videos from one of those sites, I will get a part of the purchase price so you will support me directly. By purchasing movies or a subscription on those sites to see my work, you also support the producers and you show that you are interested in my work, which makes the chance bigger that they will book me again for new sets in the future.


By posting links to the sites I worked for, I also want to show my appreciation to those producers who gave me the chance to work with them by supporting their sites. During last months we have been working hard to get as much illegally shared content removed as possible and saw a lot of other sites I worked for their content being shared illegally too. This not only makes me very sad but also very angry!


Producing content for a website and running it is a full time job. It costs really a lot of time and money so we really need all support from our fans to survive. We can not tolerate people to steal our income by sharing and downloading our content for free!  They destroy our jobs and so in the end also our lives. We also don’t get our locations, our transportation, our equipment, etc. for free, we need to pay for it too. Production costs keep rising every year, unfortunately so does the illegal sharing. That needs to stop! We will keep focussing on copyright infringements and will sue each individual who is caught sharing or downloading illegally to the full extent of the law.


I really appreciate your support! A special thank you to all fans that support me and other producers by being or becoming a member!


Thank you!
x Melisa


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Then you will love the 7 movies I starred in at boundheat.com. BH specialises in lesbian domination and lesbian mistresses feature films.

BH is currently thinking about making a several episodes mini series with me as lead actress. For this series to become reality, I will need all your support to show the producer that you would love to see me as lesbian dominatrice.

Members of melisamendini-world will get more information with teasers and on-set photos in the diary section.


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Only-Tease / Only-Opaques / Only-Secretaries
Only-Silk-and-Satin / Art-Lingerie

A big selection of photosets and videos of the last 6 years going from costumes, pantyhose to sexy lingerie.