• KeithM
    Posted at 13:53h, 13 June

    This set has a pretty backdrop, but, I don’t know 🙁 I’m not feeling it for the 2nd straight photo set, I don’t like to be negative, in fact, I would rather not be negative at all.. Sorry guys, something is ‘missing’ It doesn’t have the same ambience and appeal of a lot of sets before. I know you work hard and do the best you can for MMW and fans, and I thanks you for continued content. Regrdless of my opinion, I am positive many others will like it more to their tastes.

    • puck68
      Posted at 22:18h, 14 June

      I agree with Keith 🙁. I’m feeling like a lot of creativity is missing. Similar settings. Similar outfits (they are very sexy outfits). Similar poses and lighting from set to set. Kristina, you look sexy no matter what, but MMW needs more variety. The shower was different. The Walk was different. David touching you by the pool was different. There are a lot of different ideas in the Shooting Ideas of the Forum, but it seems like most weeks it’s sexy lingerie or dress in a nice hotel room or terrace. I know not every shoot can be something completely new… I just think we need more variety and creativity to highlight Kristina’s beauty. The quality of MMW is so much better recently, but many of the ideas from when MMW just started were very different and creative. “Projection” was one of the coolest, sexiest videos you’ve ever done! Thanks, Kristina & David. – Paul (Puck68)

      • Melisa Mendini
        Posted at 22:38h, 19 June

        Hello Paul, thank you for your comment.
        Well, if I look at Femjoy or MetArt, OnlyTease, those are big websites with huge budget, but still, the sets looks very similar most of the time, except they change models very often.
        We absolutely appreciate all ideas and will try our best.

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 22:27h, 19 June

      Hello Keith, well, you don’t have to be sorry. If you don’t like it, it’s your opinion.
      This set was done at 11 pm in the evening, as we had a great location, we wanted to use it as much as possible for MMW. Pity our effort shooting till late night was not really appreciated in this case 😀
      Well, that happens.

  • rednp130
    Posted at 00:09h, 14 June

    Hi Kristina I like this set good setting but you make the photos more than the setting the outfit is great you look as marvelous as ever I think the video will be awesome i will give it 2 thumbs up and a 10 rating.You and David always try your best.That what makes MMW great Your friend Mike.

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 22:15h, 19 June

      Hello Mike, thank you so much for your comment.
      I’m happy you liked this set and gave it such a nice rating again 🙂
      Wish you a great evening and greets to Alex 🙂

  • 89wisaries
    Posted at 11:15h, 14 June


    Amazing! Fantastic! Beautiful! And the pictures were good, too. 🤣 David and you are great and I hope to see more of the same in the future. Thank you.


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