• KeithM
    Posted at 17:57h, 07 September

    Love to see you and the animals, how did you get on with the little cat? Did your allergies play up, or were they ok?

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 20:58h, 07 September

      Hi Keith, thank you for your comment,
      This little cat was from the photographer. As we shot at his studio at his home, they were walking freely. As long as I don’t stay too long and don’t touch them, it’s not a horror 😀 Thanks for asking.

      • KeithM
        Posted at 22:37h, 07 September

        I love the new site layout, it looks full of class and very professional, in its design, I am glad I was able to get back to it, I missed being able to check in on the site, when my subscription had run out. I am very glad to be back

        • Melisa Mendini
          Posted at 08:45h, 09 September

          Hello Keith, thank you, I’m so glad you like the new design. We are very happy to have you back and that you did not give up on us 😀 Thank you.

  • rednp130
    Posted at 02:19h, 08 September

    HI Kristina after some problems trying to login i got my new password,and the new design looks great.I see one my favorite cuties Nelly was a the photo shoot.I hate spiders too.Your friend Mike.

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 08:53h, 09 September

      Hello Mike, thank you for patience with login in. And also thank you for compliments about the new design. Yes Nellinka was traveling with us, great company and support on travels.

  • astark
    Posted at 23:15h, 08 September

    Hi Kristina,
    Nelly loves to be in front of the camera, I guess she has learned a lot from you!
    Lovely pictures!

    Thank you for sharing those cute photos!


    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 08:56h, 09 September

      Hello Tony, no, Nelly normally does not like to be in front of the camera. Even if she is sleeping and you take camera out, she change the pose and hide her head, so this was more an exception 🙂
      Thank you a lot, wish you a nice day.

  • Pedro
    Posted at 01:36h, 10 September

    The #Bootycake is talking in this diary..?
    Was Nelly chasing cats ??? or was it the other way ? . Pussy can be very fierce in there space !!

    • Melisa Mendini
      Posted at 10:44h, 10 September

      Hello Pedro, thanks a lot for your comment 🙂
      Nelly wanted to play with the cats, but they always run away. We also looked that Nelly does not go to the other rooms than where we were shooting.I was afraid they would attack Nelly as it’s their home. We watched them all the time 😀

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