• moonrarr
    Posted at 00:58h, 09 November

    With you all the way there David, that’s why I personally think that any ‘stronger’ material that Kristina wants to share isn’t such a good plan- especially after what has been ‘shared’ on other sites, there is a high possibility that some lowlife would upload her stronger material from this site to that one or others, we already know that a huge amount of MMW videos have been posted up there already. And as a fan and friend I would suggest keeping the material on MMW the same as it is already. Whilst I respect there are fans out there who have messaged saying they would like to see ‘masturbation’ and ‘toys’ etc, I think out of respect for Kristina, we should also think about the possibilities and effects that could have. I would urge everyone to PLEASE think carefully before making a choice on the vote.

  • astark
    Posted at 01:45h, 09 November

    I think most of us know what’s Kristina and David limits in terms of what material they can produce for this website.
    Unfortunately is impossible to stop people for sharing/post material online, even big production companies suffer of this illegal sharing practice and they cant stop them.
    I think it’s a good idea to give us that option if somebody want different content, then you should pay for the premium content, as a fan i believe that we can help paying for a membership, keep the material that you download from here only in your computer and if its possible report those illegal uploaders in forums.


  • redfnp125
    Posted at 13:23h, 09 November

    Both Tony and Keith make good points,I have seen material on a forum called planetsuzy.org,just not from Kristina website but other she has posed for.I know Kristina stopped doing stronger content for a reason which i respect her for,but i also know she and David have to consider the option for the website to keep it fresh and bring in new members.If possible maybe updating passwords every month may help.But as David said you can do only so much to keep the bad guys out,but we can make it hard on them to hack the site.

    • astark
      Posted at 13:35h, 09 November

      I’m pretty sure if we (members) help to report those illegal uploaders perhaps the amount of material from this website in forums will be less.
      I think you can’t stop creating different content because you’re afraid the photos/videos will be published somewhere else. As I said before not even big production companies have stopped illegal sharing, however they don’t have loyal fans who care about the website. I know there’s a big fans here that could help.


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